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The Little Trianglefish

Author: Vangelis Iliopoulos
Τranslator: JK Mabin
Publisher: Patakis
Narrator: Michael Villani
Mousic: Jam2studio
Cover Art: Lida Varvarousi
Producer: Auditale
Length: 25mins

Press Play button to listen to the sound sample:

Miss Cuttlefish, the schoolmistress of the school at the bottom of the sea, from the moment she first set eyes on this strange little fish, called him… Little Triangle-fish. While all children fish learned to read and write, Little Triangle-fish had a hard time, however much he strived. He could only draw triangles. Still, he was the only one able to cope with the danger threatening to close school forever and send all little fish to the fishermen’s nets.

Altruistic, brave, protective, fair, fighting for what’s right, environmentally aware, popular, defender of everybody’s right to be themselves, cooperative, believing in the true values of life, sensitive, warm and loving, admitting his faults and eager to correct them, passionate about his ideals and fighting hard for them – that’s Trianglefish, a very special little fish.

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